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Software that meets your needs

We’re Here to Help!

Our software is easy to use and reliable, but since your job is running a c-store (not becoming a software expert), we’re here to work with you to implement PRI*SCAN and maximize the benefit of all of its features to increase your profits and improve your business.

No voicemail, no call queues — we answer the phone!

Customer Support Is Our Top Priority

  • Live phone-answering in our Maine office — little to no wait time and 24/7 emergency support.
  • Knowledgeable technical support staff work with end-users to resolve PC issues and with register manufacturers and distributor techs to troubleshoot register communication issues.
  • Friendly training and software support staff, well-versed in c-store operations and challenges, work with you as you implement and use our back-office software.

Maintenance / Support Plan

The Maintenance / Support contract is annual and is invoiced quarterly. It includes the following:

  • Support of daily use of the PRI*SCAN software on the back-Office PC or the Unitech handheld (store owners, managers and staff can call with questions or for assistance.)
  • Training (ongoing training for existing staff, or training for new staff)
  • PRI*SCAN software upgrades for existing modules and functionality — generally there are upgrades to our software at least once/year.
  • Re-installs of PRI*SCAN software (if a new PC is purchased, following a hardware failure, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting the connection to your Gilbarco, NCR/Radiant, or Verifone POS system (ex: registers are serviced, upgraded, etc...)
  • Support is available weekdays during business hours.
  • Emergency support is available after hours and on weekends. (Emergency support coverage is intended to provide assistance in remedying urgent, time-sensitive issues such as when a register technician is on site and back-office communication needs to be confirmed, or the pricebook needs to be re-sent to the register.)