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PRI*SCAN works with your register system

Using PRI*SCAN Back-Office Software in conjunction with your register system can help you increase profits by enabling you to:

Easily maintain accurate pricing — Scanning items at the register prevents cashier ring errors and using Back Office Software makes it faster and easier to manage prices: Process Electronic Vendor Invoices to keep grocery item prices up-to-date, easily change prices for groups of items at once, and schedule promotions to start and end automatically (ensuring cashiers are not selling items at a discount after a promotion has ended).

Industry average 2-4% cashier ring loss: 2% on weekly sales of $10,000 = $10,400/year

Focus on profit margin — Maintaining item costs in Back Office Software shows you item-level profit margins! Processing Electronic Vendor Invoices lets you see and instantly react to cost increases by updating your retail prices, thus maintaining your desired margins. Item-level Sales Reporting means you can identify your top sellers and view their profitability.

Customers report a 3-5% margin increase: 3% on weekly sales of $10,000 = $15,600/year

Optimize product mix — Using Back Office Software, you can identify your best (and worst) selling items, allowing you to purge slow movers and set minimum and maximum on-hand quantities so the software can help ensure you maintain optimal stock levels (which can increase sales 1-2% and reduce inventory carrying costs by 6-7%.)

Industry average 1-2% sales increase: 2% on $550,000 in sales = $11,000 annual increase

Track item-level inventory — Tracking inventory at the item level means you can more easily hone in on employee or customer theft, as well as find vendor-invoice discrepancies (many of our customers report their vendor invoices are often inaccurate).

Customers report a minimum of 1% shrink reduction: 1% on $550,000 = $5,500 annual savings

PRI*SCAN PC-based Back-Office Software was developed for single stores and small chains to be easy to learn and easy to use — highlights include the following:

  • Low price point and feature rich
  • User friendly and reliable
  • Modular enabling customized solutions

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The Scan Group, Inc. is a software development and support company based in Yarmouth, Maine, and specializing in back-office software for C-stores for single stores and small chains. We have been in business for more than 14 years and have over 1,000 installations in 42 states in the U.S. and one province in Canada. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, helpful, U.S. (Maine) based customer service, and have excellent customer references available.

Customer Support is our top priority

  • Live phone answering in our Maine office — little to no wait time and 24/7 emergency support.
  • Knowledgeable technical support staff work with end-users to resolve PC issues and with register manufacturers and distributor techs to troubleshoot register communication issues.
  • Friendly training and software support staff, well-versed in C-store operations and challenges, work with you as you implement and use our back-office software.